Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 5 Samoa to Penrhyn. Calm before the storm

January 22, 2013 2:30PM local (Jan 23 0130UTC)
Position 08°45'S 161°59'W
Course 090T
Speed 4.4 knots

The last 24 hours we've had almost no wind. Calculating our arrival time to Penrhyn yesterday we determined that if we kept pushing as we were, we'd arrive there just an hour too late in the day for safe navigation. So, we had two choices. One, continue with the hurry up plan as cyclone Garry is still on our tail, but predicted to move SE. The thought being we might be able to make up the hour by tweeking the sails. But, if we still ended up late we have to hove-to in the predicted 20+ knot winds for around 12 hours.

The second option was to simply enjoy going slow, flying just the JIB and then when the winds fill in we end up sailing fast for 24 hours and arriving in the morning. We opted to go slow and are now 18 hours later still crawling along at 4.4 knots with just our Jib in 8-10 knots true out of the NW. As it turns out, it's nice and peaceful to just go slow for a change. Believe it or not we've never sailed this slow before on LightSpeed.

To keep things exciting Kathy decided to drop a line in the water and within two hours we landed a 54" Wahoo. I didn't weigh this one, but it seemed like something over 30 pounds. Our fridge is working overtime trying to cool off all those fillets as it's pretty warm here with temps around 89F and 75% humidity.

Kathy cooked up some sushi rice and we had a great lunch of fresh Wahoo. Looks like we'll have another Scrabble match this afternoon.

That's it for now.

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