Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Rain or Shine

Good thing we have a rain or shine motto, as we sure got the rain today for our hike.  Sustained torrential downpour would be more accurate, but once we were soaked through it was really pretty fun. Our rainwater  collection system on the boat captured 30+ gallons in few hours and our tanks were over flowing when we got back to the boat.  

It rained so hard that we actually experienced a very infrequent sensation here in Samoa, a brief feeling of chill.  The temperature might have plunged to 81 degrees.  Burr.
 Our hands after today's hike look like we've been sitting in a hot tub not hiking.
Artificial waterfall during the peak of the downpour.

 Can you spot the 1980's Mercury Topas GS?
You know you're in the rain forest when you find plants growing out of a chrome bumper.