Sunday, January 20, 2013

Running from a strom day 3

TIME: 2013/01/20 17:26 UTC or 6:26AM local
LATITUDE: 11-20.25S
LONGITUDE: 167-11.73W
SPEED: 7.9

Despite the GRIB weather model saying light winds we found some good sailing wind yesterday around sunset and have been sailing since. Around midnight it got squally and I decided to strike the main when I couldn't be sure what the squalls might be packing wind wise. At that point the boat was going high 9's to 10.6 knots which was really nice when running from a potential cyclone. Overnight we've flown just the jib suplemented with a little motor sailing to keep the boat speed around 8 knots. Wind is currently West which is much nicer than the forecast NW.

We might swing close by Puka Puka this afternoon just to have a look. There is some sort of boat pass the locals use and I've been curious about the possibility of sailing a shoal draft cat into the lagoon. Based on the forecast, it seems Puka Puka is going to get slammed with 50+ knots so we'll keep moving.

Finally got our sea legs after 2 months anchored took them away. Feeling optimistic about the remainder of the voyage now that we're moving North of the forecast TC track.

Our cat 'Shell' is being entertained by a hitch hiking bird that's just out side the window sitting on our Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board.

All is well onboard.

That's it for now,

Dave & Kathy
s/v LightSpeed

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