Saturday, February 02, 2013

Back at Omoka village, Penrhyn atoll

February 2, 2013
Omoka village, Penrhyn atoll, Northern Cooks Islands, South Pacific

We spent the night hiding out from strong NW winds at the northern motu a few miles from Te Tautua village. This morning the winds had dropped to 20 knots so we made a dash over to Te Tautua and dropped off some gifts for the village. To keep things fair we donated all the goods to the church and the minister Marsters who can sort out who needs what. It was a whole dinghy full of stuff from fishing rods, nets, clothes, hats, dishes, knives, tea pots, rope, fishing hooks and lots more. We're trying to lighten up the ship for the sail north and thought that the trade goods we were carrying for Vanuatu would have the most impact here in the Northern Cooks.

Our plan is a sail to Hawaii and then back to the North American continent. Maybe Alaska or BC then heading down the coast. Of course, like all our plans this one is subject to change at anytime.

Tomorrow we are headed to church to enjoy the famous singing of the Cook Islands Christian Church. We also hope to catch up with the school principal Tyrone and deliver some school supplies. Spreading things around we also have some donations for Alex, the head of the Catholic church.

That's it for now.

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