Friday, February 15, 2013

Penrhyn atoll, Omoka village

Preparing bread for baking in the earth oven.  This bread was extremely delicious.  Thanks ladies.
 Kathy making a flower Lei or in the Cook Islands 'Ei' as she chats with Alex
Earth oven fired with coconut husks is ready for the bread.

 Kathy with her complete Ei.  Note:   Earth oven is pictured just behind her left elbow.

Timer photo is not perfect, but it good to get a picture of both of us once in a while.
 Dinner at Tyrone's lagoon front home. Tyrone is the Penrhyn atoll school pricipal and was a very gracious host treating us to internet access and a wonderful dinner at his home.
This home appears to be at risk from rising seal levels.
Turtles at risk from over harvesting. This turtle was consumed as a new years treat by the family in the home pictured above.  They said it had 199 eggs inside which was an extra bonus.