Monday, February 25, 2013

Rangiroa to Fakarava

Sunset at Fakarava atoll.  
 Windy day at Rangiroa atoll with dark clouds on the way.

One of the better stocked shops at Rangiroa.
A sampling of the price of Coke and other drinks.  One USD = 89 French Polynesian Francs so that single can of Coke is $1.68 USD  and the Monster Energy is $6.32 USD.  One 330ml Hinano beer is $2.88USD.  

 South Rangiroa anchorage sand flats and stormy clouds.
 Kathy pulls the dinghy through the shallow waters
 Colorful crab
 Unhappy kitty takes refuge on the navigation desk while a squall passes by.  If you look closely you can see the squall on the radar screen.
 Black wall of clouds approach as lightning cracks and thunder rolls.
Aranui 3 inter island trading ship sailing out of Fakarava.  I wonder what's inside as it sure looks weighed down in the bow.