Friday, February 15, 2013

Te Tautua village, Penrhyn atoll

 Penrhyn atoll, Te Tautua village welcome committee.  Not visible in the photo are a half dozen sharks swimming with the kids.

 Sharing photos from my last visit to Penrhyn in 2006 on my Android Nexus 10 tablet.
 Mixing the concrete on shovel full at a time.  Luckily, we had gas powered mixers.

 Dave hard troweling the new patio.

 This is a Black shark bite received while spear fishing.   All the Penryhn locals warn you about the Black sharks.  They aren't even three feet long, but they like to bite.

Lemon or Nurse shark bite.  This little boy when 2 years old jumped off the pier into a group of feeding frenzied sharks.  One got him by the arm and a local man named Rio came to the rescue and remove the arm from the sharks mouth.  Yikes!  If you ask the local kids why this boy got bit they'll tell you it was because he was playing during church service.

Checking out an alternate anchorage at the South end of the Te Tautua village motu.  It's a perfect all weather anchorage for a shoal draft boat and only a 15 minute walk to the village.  Where ever we went we had a gang of kids guiding the way.

 Cleaning.  One of the many steps in making a rito hat.

 Step 2 after harvesting the palm fronds is stripping out the core.
 Typical assortment of sharks around the boat while at Penrhyn atoll.