Friday, February 08, 2013

The plan written in wet sand at low tide...

The piggy bank is empty, so now it's time to set a course toward making some money. We've looked hard at settling abroad (mostly New Zealand), but when it comes to opportunity we think we'll be most effective in the USA.

The plan up until a few months ago was to continue across the Pacific and sell s/v LightSpeed in Australia. We'd then buy a 46' Grand Banks trawler (yes, a powerboat) and live in the San Francisco bay area making trips up to Alaska and down to Mexico and eventually retiring in Mexico. As we started to get more serious about this plan I built a website to sell LightSpeed. I also started 'dream' shopping for the next boat. After a few weeks of looking I couldn't find a replacement to get excited about. Traditional trawler power boats sure look pretty, but they sure are fuel inefficient. Maybe a fuel efficient trawler style power cat then? Sorry, but those don't really exist at a price point we could consider.

At the end of the day, s/v LightSpeed was better than anything we could find to replace her. So, we discussed keeping LightSpeed and sailing her back to the USA to use as our 'on going adventure headquarters' as we make some money. Plus, with the excitement building around the Americas cup catamarans', if we need to sell her the SF bay area would be a good market.

Anyway, that's today's plan written in wet sand at low tide.

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