Friday, February 15, 2013

Uninhabited Motu of Penrhyn atoll, Cook Islands

 Freshly bleached coral piled on the beach after a recent storm
I hope everything turned out well for 'Tebriz IV' as we found their man overboard safety device on Penrhyn atoll.
 I really like this picture.  I can only imagine how good it would look with a professional quality camera
 This plant seems to thrive on sea air and salty coral rubble for soil.
 Fresh coconut after a long hot walk around the motu
 Turtle shell found in the pearl shed of an abandon pearl farm in Penrhyn atoll.
 Getting the coconuts can be a bit of chore.
 What more could you need than a calm anchorage and a fresh bananas?
Book exchange at the old pearl farm has seen better days.  Kathy wielding the machete and warning me I'm not allowed to bring home any of these cockroach infested books.  Easy for her to say she has a Kindle with thousands of e-books to read.