Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Marquises Arrival 2013

 Two things are wrong with this picture.  #1 the boat is tipping, this is due to uncomfortable seas and strong winds that are actually heeling the boat maybe 5-7 degrees.  The second issue is our furled jib has a tear, mostly because this sail is super old, but also as a result of the high winds.  The ripped sail is no big deal as it's was a back up that we put on over a year ago thinking it wouldn't last but a month or two.  We ended up getting 7000 bonus miles out of the sail!  Now we can get rid of this old rag and run our nice Quantum Jib.
 Dark clouds as we approach Ua Pou
 Sun comming up to welcome us to the Marquises
 Kathy stoked to get a nice view of the spires of Ua Pou.

 Nuka Hiva road sign
 Our cat Shell ready to be at anchor after a bumpy few days at sea.
Local kids selling some strange tropical fruits that we'd never had or seen before.  Sort of a lime looking outside with a clear fruit surrounding a giant single seed in the middle.  The perfect diet fruit as there is very little actual fruit and it takes a disproportionaly long time to consume what little is there.