Thursday, April 11, 2013

Daniel's Bay waterfall hike

 A view from the waterfall looking out the slot canyon at the Hakaui waterfall hike Daniel's Bay, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas French Polynesia.
Patriot crew rendezvous with LightSpeed in Daniels bay for a hike to the waterfall.

 Henrick, Bonnie, Terry, Paul and Kathy heading toward the Hakaui (Daniel's Bay) waterfall.
 One of the many river crossings that are perfect for Keens.
Terry always the gentleman helps Kathy across a improvised balance beam bridge.
At Taheke's home near the start of the waterfall hike.  Taheke has some sweet tatus including half of his face.  He loves to greet visitors so if you planning on the hike be sure to stop at the home closest to the Telephone booth for a visit.  This is also a great place to purchase some fruit on you way back to the boat.
 Paul from f/v Patriot in Hakaui Bay on the way to the waterfall.
 Kathy with her hard hat and ready for the final stage of the waterfall hike into the slot canyon.
 Terry and Bonnie of f/v Patriot
 Pool at the waterfall.  Due to drought the actual waterfall was dry, but luckily the pool was still good for a cool swim.

 Dave and Henrik standing where the waterfall should be pounding into the pool.  The last time I swam here in 2006 I almost drowned myself swimming too close to the powerful flow of cascading water.
 Terry chatting with a local as Paul picks some wild water cress for a salad.
 One of the many stops along the way to the water fall where the friendly locals love to invite you in for lemonade and fried bananas.
 Looking out from Hakaui Bay (Daniel's Bay) Nuku Hiva Marquesas French Polynesia South Pacific.
 Beginning of the beautiful walk up the valley to the falls.
 Daniels old property in Hakaui Bay,  I was lucky to meet the legendary Daniel in 2006 before he passed.
 Another view of Hakaui Bay
 Daniel's old home can be seen in the back nestled among the palms.
Tropical paradise found.   Yachts looking for safe drinking water can bring their dinghy up the small river and fill jugs at a spout near this location.  Water in Taiohae Bay is not safe to drink so this is the closest and easiest place to fill jugs, but it's still not easy.