Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sailing towards a new adventure

April 25, 2013
Underway Position: 10°57'S 139°27'W
Course 240°T
Speed 8.4 knots

Today we're underway. But, not in the direction you might expect! Our new plan is to scrap the existing plan, even though it'll mean back tracking the 2000 nautical miles we just sailed to position ourselves for the sail to Hawaii, Alaska and ultimately San Francisco where we planned to go back to work. When we hatched the San Francisco plan we were feeling a little burned out on our cruising lifestyle and were feeling ready for a more domestic life ashore. Thankfully those feelings have passed and we're all charged up and diving headlong into a new adventure. We've always wanted to sail SE Asia and explore some of the 17,000 Indonesian islands. So, despite a critically low cruising kitty we've decided to go for broke and hope the lower cost of cruising in SE Asia will help us stretch our dwindling cash reserves into another 1-2 years of sailing. Kathy thinks Singapore might hold some job opportunities in Bio-tech and some boat updates might be accomplished in Thailand.

Sealing the deal, we hoisted the spinnaker this morning and aimed the boat west toward Tahiti.

Our extremely changeable plan:

May- Cooks/Nuie
June- Tonga
July/August- Fiji
September/October- Vanuatu
November- Solomons
December- Papua New Guinea

January- Papua New Guinea
February/June- Indonesia
July- Malaysia
August/September- Thailand
October- Singapore

We're flying a medium size spinnaker and enjoying an average boat speed of 8.4 knots since leaving Fatu Hiva about 55 nm distant... a good start to our new adventure.

That's it for now.

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