Monday, May 27, 2013

Suwarrow atoll, Cooks Islands

May 27, 2013
Position: 13°14.92'S 163°06.49'W
Suwarrow atoll, Cooks Islands

The swell and wind built from the SE last night, so we decided to go where the wind blows us and stop at Suwarrow atoll. It's just us and one German boat s/v Venus. Officially the park doesn't open until June 1, but the park ranger / customs officer / immigration officer / health officer / agriculture officer, yes this is just one person, was happy to check us in and inspect the boat. It might have been an hour of filling out forms at least 8 or maybe more. The lagoon is beautiful and similar to Maupihaa atoll, but lots more rules here. No beach fires, no spear fishing, no, no, no.

We did a little fishing just before entering the pass and hooked with a wahoo, but lost him. The fridge is getting bare so maybe we'll take the park rangers out for some fishing outside the lagoon where the there are no rules.

Tons of back tip sharks here in the lagoon. It's sound like a fish story, but I counted 29 sharks while standing on the back step of LightSpeed.

That's it for now.

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