Sunday, June 16, 2013

Arrived Iles Wallis

TIME: 2013/06/17 05:11 UTC
Position: 13-20.34S 176-13.47W
Anchored Iles Wallis

Overnight I was struggling to slow the boat down so we'd arrive at Wallis around sunrise. First I dropped the spinnaker and unfurled the jib which shaved a few knots of the speed and still we would arrive well before daylight. Ultimately, I stuck all sail and we were still averaging 3.5-4 knots under bare poles in 16 to 20 knots true at 150 apparent.

Nearing Wallis, but well before first light I dropped line in the water to try some night fishing with no luck. Low slack tide at the pass was scheduled for 5:30AM and we hit the pass at 6AM riding smoothly in on the minimal flood tide. In the early morning light it was hard to discern the edges of the pass, but the navigation adds were numerous and the CM93 (January 2010) charts were spot on. Once we cleared the pass we turned East just as the sun broke the horizon and blinded us with low angle light glaring off the water. Feeling tired and unwilling to battle the glare for several miles as we negotiated the well marked but coral studded lagoon we dropped anchor at the first opportunity and had a nap. Then feeling invigorated we jumped in the water for a quick snorkel which revealed some really nice coral and fish. Around 11AM we checked email via SSB and received advice from friends Jeff and Jose that we should move 4 miles to the west side of Wallis and anchor by the wharf with the large oil storage tanks. The new anchorage is very calm if not so scenic as the first. Jeff and Jose dinghy'd over and we invited them aboard for a nice several hour chat. Jeff is a vet and a boat builder so we talked cats of both the feline and sailing varieties.

Tomorrow we'll hitch hike to the big village on the other side of the island to check in with the Gendarmarie and Customs all of which we hear is very casual and FREE. Then check out the shops and grab a baguette and some nice French cheese.

That's it for now.

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