Friday, June 14, 2013

Maupihaa atoll pictures 2013

 Lobster lunch at Maupihaa atoll
 Improvised island shoes quickly thrown together when a sandy beach walk turned to sharp coral.
 Fishing for Varo lobster
 Low hanging fruit
 South shore of Maupihaa
 Postcard perfect
 Boat lift
 Copra with Hio
 Learning how to quickly pop the coconut meat from the husk.
 Husking coconuts until my 'soft' yachtie hands were pretty blistered.
 Copra drying in the sun
Remains of a old ship wreck on SE shore of Maupihaa.  Lots of small colorful ballast stones litter the beach.
 Hio catching lunch by running around a few fish that ventured too close to shore.
 Cleaning the fish
 Hio's kitchen
 Hio's stove
 Cruiser girls pose with the islands girls before a coconut crab hunt.
 Dave ready for a lobster gathering expedition
 Hio with the first catch of the night where we captured 13 lobster by walking the reef at low tide.
 Preparing the 'stove' to boil the lobsters
 Lobster boil in progress.
 While picking up lobster off the reef we also speared a bunch of sleeping parrot fish.  At night the parrot fish tuck themselves in a the coral and sleep.  Spearing these is almost as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.
 Lobster dinner
 North shore hosts
 Parrot fish in coconut cream and lobster.
 Hio enjoying being King of Maupihaa.
Great times