Monday, July 29, 2013

Saturday is laundry day and time for fun in Tovu village

July 27, 2013
Anchorage Position: 18°57.317'S 179°49.348'W

Laundry and Volleyball at Tovu village, Totoya Island, Lau, Fiji

Saturday in Tovu village for many is mostly about sleeping off the Kava consumed on Friday night.
Risi and Dave at a community fund raising event drinking grog (kava).
Despite drinking some Kava with the villagers on Friday night we still managed to get moving pretty early aboard sailing catamaran LightSpeed. I needed to tend to the desalinator (water maker) for most of the day, run our Honda generator to charge batteries and power the water maker and work on some other projects like attempting to make mozzarella cheese from a 2 liter jug of milk we had in the fridge which was a fail as the milk had curdled in the jug. The visiting nephews Bruce and Tim joined Kathy for some hand washing of our laundry in the village to be followed by volleyball with the villagers until sunset.

If only there were an I-phone app to wash these clothes.

A place without washing machines... Tim Egan hand washing his clothes at Totoya Island, Fiji.

No volleyball pictures.   Bruce and Tim playing Rugby at Tovu village Totoya island, Lau group Fiji.  

So, a productive and fun day.