Monday, August 12, 2013

Anchored near Naigoro pass, Kadavu island, Fiji. Sweet snorkeling.

August 13, 2013
Call signs: kf7tdy & wdf2150
LATITUDE: 18-47.37S
LONGITUDE: 178-29.91E
Anchored Naigoro Pass, Kadavu, Fiji. Sweet snorkeling.

Naigoro Pass, Kadavu Fiji looks spot on with Google Earth

Naigoro pass is close but not perfect on  January 2010 CM93 charts.

Winds are light today making for perfect conditions for drift snorkeling through Naigoro pass on the east side of the Great Astrolabe reef. Lots of reef fish, beautiful pink, red and crimson soft corals, huge sea fans, clown fish hiding in sea anemones, giant clams, camouflaged sea cucumbers, table top corals, black corals and so much more. Catching the end of the flood tide we were gently carried along a sheer vertical wall on the south side of Naigoro pass. Our eyes feasted on a underwater world brimming with vibrant colors and incredible diversity. With 100+ feet visibility it was akin to a 100 foot salad bar, simply impossible to take it all in at once. About half way through the pass we tied the dinghy to a dead piece of coral to focus on just one swath of the vertical wall. Each subsequent free dive revealed a new surprise and we spent 15 minutes examining just one 30' wide by 60 foot deep section before moving on to more taller wall covered in a forest of pink through chrimson soft corals.

I just Googled Naigoro pass for some more info and came across my own blog post from June 22, 2007:

So, Kathy and I were here 6 years, 1 month, 23 days or 2245 days ago!

Tonight we'll anchor on the SE corner of Kadavu island in Vatulutu? bay in the company of s/v Slip Away with Jan and Rich aboard and s/v Gotta Go with Craig and Bruce aboard.

That's it for now.