Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bruce Bonich and Tim Egan Fiji sailing adventure 2013

Here's a sample of nephew Bruce Bonich's photos from the 3 weeks aboard LightSpeed sailing in south eastern Fiji in 2013.

 Dolphins on the bow of yacht LightSpeed
 Ono island anchorage
 Wahoo fish dinner... the nice wahoo that Bruce caught.
 Ono island village
  Ono island village
  Ono island village
  Ono island village
  Ono island village
 Rugby at Tovu village, Totoya island Lau group
 Tovu village Totoya island school library
  Tovu village Totoya island school
 Dalo / Taro
 Tovu village, Totoya
 Preparing pandanus leaves for weaving traditional Fijian mats
 Drums used as church bells.
 Light Speed at anchor Tovu village, Lau group, Fiji
 Risi and Dave at school fundraiser.
 Bruce and Tim washing their clothes

 Risi opening the lovo earthen oven
 Removing leaves
 Removing palm frond stocks
 Food is revealed
 Tovu village, Totoya island
 Tovu village boys checking out LightSpeed
 Tim Egan in the bush
Kathy taking a break
 Big bush hike to the Kava planting fields high above the Totoya island caldera / bay.
 Bruce ready to go aloft aboard yacht LightSpeed
Bruce heading up the mast.

Below are Tim Egans photos from three weeks aboard yacht LightSpeed