Monday, August 19, 2013

Repairing your boat in exotic locations. Suva, Fiji catamaran haulout. RSYC marine railway for catamarans.

 LightSpeed high and dry on the custom catamaran rack Dave designed and had fabricated for about $1200FJD.  It's a pay it forward project for the benefit of the cruising community.  Each future catamaran owner who wishes to use the rack is obligated to make improvements  such as improving adjustability, painting, new beams or bolts.

Repairing your boat in exotic locations is fun when you get to build something.  Suva, Fiji catamaran haulout.  RSYC marine railway is now ready for the adventurous catamarans owners whose fully loaded weight is less than about 8 tons or 16,000 pounds or 7257 kilos.  Use at your own risk!

s/v LightSpeed on RSYC slipway

The totally awesome RSYC crew headed up Vilivo was super careful as we tested new ground hauling s/v LightSpeed.