Friday, August 02, 2013

Totoya west side anchorage humpback whale swim video

August 3, 2013
Anchorage Position: 18°57.3876 S 179°52.7384 W
Totoya west side anchorage, Lau group, Fiji

Inviting emerald waters filled with colorful corals a palm fringed white sand beach a pod of whales blowing in the mouth of the bay, this is definitely a nice slice of Fiji.

 Risi on the bow as we approach Tovu village at Totoya island, Lau group, Fiji.

Humpback whale (center)

  It's great to be back in calm waters and enjoying some of mother natures finest! After dropping off Risi and his supplies at Tovu village inside the caldera at Totyoa island we back tracked to the west side of the island to try to spot some whales we'd seen earlier in the day.

ThARR she blows! Tim and Bruce donned snorkel gear and jumped off LightSpeed to swim with the whales. LightSpeed drifted silently a few hundred yards away from the whales and the boys were rewarded when a pair of huge humpback whales circled back to check them out.
 Bruce and Tim ready for a humpback whale swim
Bruce even captured some underwater video as the whales swam by him and Tim.

The next day we snorkeled on the outside of the reef in the afternoon and lounged in gently swaying hammocks. Life is good.
 Kathy and our cat Shell

Bruce Bonich  at Totoya Island, Lau group, Fiji, South Pacific Ocean

Last night we lit a beach bonfire and then cooked our dinner on the glowing embers as a most spectacular sunset painted the evening sky. Kathy took the underwater flashlight and grabbed a lobster barehanded while swimming back to the boat. This morning we had lobster omelets and watched seven humpback whales frolic in the mouth of the bay. We hoisted Bruce to the top of the mast for some great photos and now we're going snorkelling.

Late in the afternoon we'll set sail for a overnight voyage to Suva.

That's it for now.

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