Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Underway Day 21 LightSpeed Sailing from Marshall Islands to North America

July 17, 2014 @ Noon local or (UTC July 17 @ 0000)

Day 21 LightSpeed Sailing from Marshall Islands to North America

Day 8 at sea since our last anchorage at Bikar atoll.

Underway position: 25 03N 176 02E

156nm day/1389nm trip total

Course 050
Speed 6.6

Wind 13 @ 210T
20 % Cloud cover
1012 mbar
Air temp 85F
Sea temp 84F

We had a nice easterly run yesterday, but slowly the wind has shifted to the S and now SSW and the seas are confused. Late in the morning we launched our smallest spinnaker with the expectation that winds would increase throughout the day and into the night. So we're going a little slower than we could at the moment, but are hopefully avoiding a high wind take down of one of our bigger kites. Our current route has us riding southerly winds for the next few days on a course of 050 which should take us close by Midway Island.

In the calm conditions yesterday I was taking a shower on the stern swim steps when I noticed a 4" Japanese glass fishing float not more than 10' away. For all the tens of hours we spent walking beaches looking for Japanese fishing floats, I think spotting one at sea is akin to winning a power ball jackpot.

We're starting to see more commercial shipping traffic with two sighting this morning, both ships were headed to China.

That's it for now.

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