Thursday, July 24, 2014

Underway Day 29 LightSpeed Sailing from Marshall Islands to North America

July 24, 2014 @ Noon boat time GMT -8 (UTC July 23 @ 2000)

Day 29 LightSpeed Sailing from Marshall Islands to North America

Day 16 at sea since our last anchorage at Bikar atoll, Marshall Islands.

Underway position: 41 03 N 175 12 W

151nm day/2560nm trip total

Course 000T
Speed 6.2

Wind 9 @ 118T
100 % Cloud cover
1025 mbar
Air temp 66F
Sea temp 66F

We've been experiencing constant fog over the last 36 hours, it's advection fog that forms with warm moist air moves over cooler water. Visibility is severely restricted and only occasional breaks 1/4 mile, requiring constant use of the radar. Light winds and calm seas make life exceedingly pleasant onboard. Our average speed is 6.2 knots running double reef main and full #3 jib. Autopilot is set to wind mode at 50 apparent on starboard and it works great to keep the boat moving in the light conditions. Our course varies as the wind shifts and puffs and is generally in the right direction; due north. No albatross sightings today.

I test ran one of our two Espar Airtronic D4 forced air diesel heaters yesterday, it worked great and soon the cabin was unbearably hot. I might have been tempted to motor a bit more though the calms if not for wanting to conserve fuel for the heaters later on. Today, I'll need to run our Honda EU2000 gasoline generator to charge batteries as our 540 watts of Kyocera solar panels are only putting out about 1/4 of normal with the thick fog.

Our cat Shell has been extra active running around the boat, we think she likes the cooler weather.

We hope to fuel and buy some provisions in Adak and then move east toward Dutch Harbor, Kodiak and the Kenai peninsula.

Adak, Alaska facts:
26 of the 31 days of August have fog. So, it's safe to call it Fogust.
341 days a year with measurable precipitation.
All months except July have seen snowfall.
Max wind gust 109 knots (125 miles per hour)
August temperature range 40-60F
Highest recorded temp 75F (1954)
Population ~100

Adak Island is about 30 miles long and 20 miles wide. The island is rugged and mountainous and has numerous small bays and indentations. Mount Moffett, 3,900 feet high, near the NW end, is the highest point of the island; it is snow covered the greater part of the year. The island has no trees and is grass covered on the lower levels; the higher levels have a heavy growth of moss. Small lakes are numerous and there are many small streams hopefully full of salmon. We plan to anchor in Quail Cove weather permitting, do some fishing and hike around the lake. There are no bears in the Aleutian islands only foxes and some introduced Caribou. These facts courtesy of the US Coast Pilot 9.

That's it for now.

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