Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Chignik to Port Wrangell

August 27, 2014
3:45PM local or 23:30UTC

Chignik to Port Wrangell

Underway position: 56 46 N 156 59 W

Yesterday we had some great sailing and mostly blue skies en route to Chignik. Kathy and I enjoyed sitting on deck and soaking up some sunshine and I even had my shirt off for nearly an hour as we rounded Cape Castle. I guess we've finally adapted to a hot sunny Alaskan summer day of 61F. We tied up in the new looking docks in Chignik small boat harbor and were a bit surprised to find most of the marina empty, apparently the commercial salmon fishing was not so good. We walked about a half mile to the Trident processing plant and checked out the company grocery store, they were due to close in three days and we scored some cheese, bagels and tomatoes for 50% off. Kathy was really hoping for some vanilla ice crea, the perfect compliment to wild raspberries we picked in Sand Point, unfortunately they were sold out.

On our way back from the store we contemplated heading out for an overnight 165nm trip to Geographic Harbor. A fast moving low pressure system was due to pass over our location and our GRIB was showing we might have Northeasterly head winds in the 25 knot range, so we decided to stay the night in Chignik.

It's rainy and grey today, but no complaints with near perfect wind conditions to make quick work of the 72 nautical mile jog to Port Wrangell. We spoke with a passing fishing boat named 'Isle Dominator' and the friendly skipper confirmed that Port Wrangell is the best harbor along this coast and one he uses throughout the winter commercial fishing season. Now that we're on the 'Main Land' we should start seeing lots of Brown (Grizzly) Bears on the beaches in the evenings.

That's it for now.

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