Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kodiak harbor hopping

August 31, 2014

Kodiak harbor hopping

We enjoyed two blissfully calm days anchored inside the sand spit in Three Saints Bay viewing grizzlies, deer, otter, seals and eagles. Today we're enjoying yet another beautiful Alaskan day with sweeping views of majestic craggy peaks, plenty of humpback whales, deer grazing along the shore and eagles swooping down snatching fish out of the water. No bear sightings today despite a few hours anchored in Barling Bay where the silver salmon are jumping.

The summer clock is tick tocking away, so we made a brief stop in Old Harbor to buy some fuel, but oops, it's Sunday and everything is closed. A friendly local went to bat and when he couldn't raise the fuel guy on the phone he even tried calling the mayor to liberate some fuel for us, but the mayor was out fishing. The friendly guy then took our jugs to his home and siphoned 10 gallons out of his fuel heating tank and delivered the diesel to the dock! Alaskan's are a pretty friendly bunch and now we have a bit of a fuel safety margin should we need to motor all the way to Kodiak.

Tonight we're headed towards Shearwater Bay and hoping to anchor in a lagoon near the entrance to the bay near 57 19.5 N 152 54.08 W

That's it for now.

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