Tuesday, September 30, 2014

OpenCPN Radar overlay with Simrad 3G radar

September 30, 2014

A few screen shots of our Simrad 3G radar in use.  Although they call it a 24 mile radar, it has an effective range of about 4nm and we usually run at 1-2 mile range in thick fog.  The following screen shots show 3 different ships of various sizes as identified by our AIS.
Kennicott, a 116m passenger ship.
 Westrun Titan, a 33m tug towing a huge barge with containers stacked 4 high
Vector, a 40m Canadian Coast guard ship.

All good targets in calm sea conditions at 4 miles, but not so good beyond 6 miles despite all of these being huge.

All of this is running on opensource software.  OpenCPN for the chartplotter with a Navico Radar plugin for the radar overlay.  Our system is running headless, in that we do not have a radar brain box or radar screen.... everything is happening on a simple laptop PC directly connected to the radar dome via a standard Ethernet cable

Plugins for OpenCPN can be found here:

A huge thanks to Kees for all the great work on the Navico Radar Plugin.

OpenCPN can be found here: