Thursday, October 09, 2014

Port Ludlow

October 9, 2014
Port Ludlow, Washington

We had a great visit with Dave's god parents, Jim and Nancy in Port Ludlow enjoying two superb home cooked culinary delights.  We have a few photos on Kathy's phone and I need to get them posted here.

Nancy loaned us her car for a shopping trip to Trader Joes and yes, we did make a stop at Walmart.  I like to shop local and despise mega corporations that crush local business, but we wanted an electric blanket of all things and Walmart was the place to pick one up.

Yep, we're running an electric blanket every evening to preheat our otherwise freezing cold bed.  It runs through the inverter and consumes about 10 amps at 12 volts, so not too terrible.