Friday, October 31, 2014

Cruising friends with books

Crossing the Pacific in 2006 we crossed path many times with Kelly and Kelly aboard s/v Moorea.  Kelly girl chronicled their 4 year world circumnavigation in her just released book you can find it at Amazon as a ebook or the real thing... Sailing the Waterhouse.   You can also follow their current adventures here & Front cover for web
The cover photo of s/v Moorea was taken in the Marquesas at Ua Pou island with the super cool spires. Our first cruising boat, s/v La Vie was there at the same time and you can see both boats in the background of this great photo.

Ray and Judy Emerson were out there in 2006 and Ray has a new book Sell Your House and Buy a sailboat (Then Sail Halfway Around the World)  I can't recall for sure, but there is a good chance they were anchored in Ua Poa at the same time.  It was pretty busy with most boats using a stern anchor to avoid swinging into their neighbors.

Ray is hilarious in real life, so I'm sure this book is a great read. You can also check out his website at:

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