Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Crescent City, California

November 10, 2014
Crescent City, California

Fast sail from Port Orford, Oregon yesterday.  Here are some shots from around Crescent City harbor.  Harbor facilities were pretty nice.  Laundry room, free showers, free internet and really nice new docks.  Safeway is within 10 minutes walk, good Mexican food across from the marina, Englund Marine supply, travel lift and marine railway.

 Pretty nice sunset for the middle of November when it should be foggy.
 This salmon troller was built in 1919!  Today her third owner, keeps her looking fine and fishes crab, tuna and salmon.
 Classic lines on this salmon troller.
 After the 2011 Tsunami the engineers went a little crazy with the pilings at 30" in diameter, which is twice as big as normal.  Look at the pile spacing along the guest mooring dock, wow this was expensive as the steel piles are cased with 1.6" plastic pipe on the outside.  
 Old ice house on the pier to have survived the 2011 Tsunami with no issues.
Heading out of Crescent City.