Friday, December 12, 2014

Stormy weather at the Napa Valley Marina

December 12, 2014

Despite the awful weather of late and a few rain delays last week, our haul out projects are progressing nicely.  Now that LightSpeed is for sale, we want to ensure she is as close to perfect for the new owners as possible.... we take lots of pride in having owned LightSpeed and want her to sparkle.

We've posted in the past about some of the equipment upgrades along the way; engines, transmissions, propellers, standing rigging, radar, instruments, autopilot, etc.

What we haven't mentioned is the small details, like replacing the PERKO cabinet hinges, varnishing cabinet pulls, replacing sink faucets with high end quality Grohe fixtures.

Here's what we're working on at this haulout:

Antifouling Paint:
Pressure wash bottom
Sand bottom with 80 grit paper
Paint with Interlux Ultra with Biolux

Topsides paint repair at port bow:

Yep, no small projects...
Paint with first coat of Awlgrip
Paint with second coat of Awlgrip
Paint with third coat of Awlgrip
Roll and Tip with fourth coat of Awlgrip.

Boot Stripe and sterns:
As is often the case, we had a little project creep. After the first coat of paint went on the bow, we thought wow that looks nice, so we decided to expand the scope of our project and repaint the shadow like waterline boot stripe.  While we were at it, the sterns looked like they could use a  repaint after years of dinghies bumping into the them.  So, in the end the sterns got 4 coats of paint and the boot stripe 2 coats. Painting is the fun part, it all the sanding and masking between coats that takes so much time!

Saildrive service:
Replace sail drive oil with Marine grade 80/90 weight API 4.5 oil

Paint Saildrives:
Interlux Tri-lux a special paint for marine alloy.

Gori Propeller Service:
Disassemble propellers

Replace Gori propeller zincs
Note:  Zincs on Yanmar saildrive look perfect.

Yesterday we had 3.2" of rain and winds to 40mph.

When the rain lets up, we still have a few days of work ahead, but with the major painting projects behind us it just simple stuff now.

Polish the top sides paint and wax.

Mask and cut in paint at waterline.

That's it for now.