Friday, February 06, 2015

La Paz Baja 2015

 Mission at Mulege
 View toward Mulege
 Home built around palm tree.  Seems risky in high winds, but seemingly it works as this area was hit pretty hard by Hurricane Odlie in 2014.
 Organic material covers a barred window indicating this home was hit hard by flood waters brought by hurricane Odlie.

 Hotel las Terrazas in Mulege cost $400MXN a night or about $27 a night.
 This room was very basic and period authentic circa 1970's, but clean, quiet and comfortable.  The owners were super friendly, we stay here again.

 Healthy breakfast.
 When your high beam / turn signal switch breaks with the brites stuck on... you gotta pull the steering column apart and jury rig.  On the narrow road the last thing you want is to blind oncoming drivers and increase the risk of a crash.
 Sunset from the road.
 Ready for some well earned tacos on the La Paz Malecon.

 Buena Casa hotel in La Paz was a luxurious treat.
 The old 'Shack' restaurant is gone as are it's original owners.  We did see a few familiar names written on the wall.
 Street art in the central district of La Paz.
 Central Velasco square has plenty of colonial charm.  We simply call it the Zocalo (square).
 Sunset on the Malecon
 El Mural is a great family run pizza place
 Sunset over bahia La Paz
Kite boarders at La Ventana