Friday, December 04, 2015

Anchoring in San Diego

Here's a quick look at where to anchor while in San Diego.

You need a permit in advance, apply online here.

Overview Map

A1- Playa Anchorage

Pros:  Close to Downwind Marine / San Diego Marine exchange and many marine related service providers.  Lots of restaurants within walking distance and shopping at Ralph's is about a 10 minute walk. Great wind protection and dead flat water.
Cons:  Advance permit required, cut off to book is Thursday midnight, and the anchorage is limited to Fri-Sun night only.
No dinghy dock access except at Police docks.  Sand beach is an easy landing, but security could be a problem after dark.
 A1 looking toward Point Loma in the early morning.
A1 landing

A5- Glorietta Bay
Pros:  Beautiful and quiet, landing at boat ramp dock, close to The Del Hotel and amazing beaches of Coronado.  Tons of dining options from $ to $$$$.  Bayshore bike path is super nice for a long ride.
Cons:  Permit required with max stay of 3 days.  Vons grocery store is a pretty long walk.

A5 after dark is just as magical.

A9- Cruisers Anchorage
Pros: Anchorage up to 90 days possible.
Cons:  Permit and special inspection required.  Rolly, noisy and located in the middle of nowhere at the edge of the San Diego airport, security at dinghy dock is definitley an issue as are an abundance of panhandlers.

Mariners Basin, Mission Bay
Pros:  Great anchorage super close to lots of fun at Pacific Beach.
Cons:  Max stay 72 hours in any 7 day period.  Sand beach is an easy landing, but security could be a problem after dark.

Mariners Basin with some storm clouds on the horizon.

Other Options:

San Diego Free Anchorage-
Pros: Free for all.
Cons:  Outside bay and a true road-stead anchorage. Full of derelict boat(er)s.  Under military runway flight path and a long rough dingy ride to anywhere.

If you want a mooring ball then it's just one call to San Diego Mooring Company who manages all moorings in San Diego Harbor, but it could be a wait.

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