Friday, May 20, 2016

Astoria to Westport

May 20, 2016
Underway Astoria to Westport, Washington

Ticked on the boxes on my To do list for the quick haul-out in Astoria.  Would have been back in the water faster if I'd planned in advance, but none the less a pretty quick turn around considering some weather delays.

My opinion of the Port of Astoria has diminished greatly, prices increased, so no longer super cheap and my bill came to $801 for the haul, wash and blocking.  No bargain considering the shitty weather in Astoria and the Ports decision to shrink the boat yard and surround it with a industrial log shipping terminal.  Very noisy, the ground shakes under the large machines and tumbling logs and if you catch some nice weather then count on dust clouds.  Unpleasant and unsuitable for painting top sides, decks or even waxing the hull... I doubt I'll be back.

Installed the temporary Volvo 17x14 LH propellers, while I sort out what to do with my existing failed Gori 2 blade propellers.  Turns out that Volvo props suited for the 110 and 120 sail drives fit the Yanmar SD20 sail drive no problem.  I also gambled a bit and guessed correctly that the Volvo sail drive propeller nut is compatible with the Yanmar SD20 saild rive.  Saved over $100 per nut on that guess, who ever said Volvo parts were expensive didn't have a Yanmar sail drive.

New propellers have more diameter and more pitch and I can still get full revs and now we can power faster and maybe more efficiently.  MAJOR trade off is sailing performance will be diminished until I get some folding propellers installed.

Launched about noon, did a sea trial and then pulled into the fuel dock, since it was closed for lunch I went to lunch as well.  The weather looked pretty good and a quick calculation indicated that I could still make it to Westport if I hustled.  I skipped refueling in favor of arriving before dark.  Just enough fuel and favorable winds to get me Westport before dark.

Tomorrow, it's La Push if the bar conditions allow or a really long 112 nautical mile run to Neah Bay.  Kathy is rendezvousing with me on Monday or Tuesday, so gotta hustle to get to Seattle area.

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