Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Eureka to Brookings, Oregon

May 11, 2016 5AM
Underway from Eureka to Brookings, Oregon (Chetco River)

Slack water on the bar was 3:57 AM, so we were up at 3:15 to check weather.  I say 'we', but Kathy is on a business trip, so the 'we' was me and boat kitty Shell.  The cabin windows were heavy with dew and it looked pretty foggy, so a squeegee of the windows was the first order of business.  A few crab boats were heading out the channel and despite their super bright work lights, we're mostly veiled by the fog and but a smudge in an otherwise blanket of darkness.

Once the coffee was made and NOAA weather checked it was time to fire up the engines and get the anchor up.  Ghost is the perfect term to describe moving in the darkness and dense fog, scary is the very palatable sensation.  As we rolled up and over the invisible seas on the bar, I was thinking of the memorials to lost fishermen you find at every harbor along the coast, these are the sorts of conditions that make new ghosts.

Today we're heading for Brookings Oregon 80 nautical miles to the North, we'll arrive around 2PM, fuel up and take the rest of the day off.  Tomorrow, we'll probally go for Coos Bay another 80 mile run.

In the dark,


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