Monday, August 29, 2016

San Juan Islands Summer 2016

In no particular order, here's a slice of our summer in the San Juans.

 Spencer Spit, Lopez Island

4H. Adam and the girls at the San Juan County fair.
When we gave a farm I want these crazy chickens.

Elephant ear at the fair.
Conner and Indigo on 'Osprey'.  Soon to be 20 something cruisers.
Lightspeed at Sucia.
 Hike on Sucia Island, San Juans, Washington State.  This summer we walked every trail on Sucia and Jones Island state parks.
 Hosting the Hollingbery girls aboard Lightspeed for a fun filled weekend at Sucia Island.
 Lightspeed and Gizmo rafted up in Friday Harbor
 2 row barley from San Juan County fair.
 Colors in Roche Harbor
 Butchart Gardens with Harkey's
 Kathy's parents at Butchart Gardens
 Friday Harbor as seen from the yacht club.
 Gizmo helm
 Dave at the helm of Gizmo
 Selife on Jones island.
 Kathy on a Jones Island hike
 Paddy and Queenie on Orcas Island
 Another island hike
 Lightspeed stern tied at Jones Island
 Jelly fish
 Roche Harbor
 Roche Harbor 'free' doughnuts
 Nieces (Jane and Anne) visit for summer cruise to Princess Louisa Inlet
 Walker's B-day party
 Lot's of bike rides on San Juan island's flower lined roads.
 Anne and Janie summer cruise 2016
 Exploring another of the Gulf Islands of British Columbia
 Picking berries
 Walking logs
 Everyone made it across and back without falling in.
 This plant looks like a giant rubarb, but is only a cousin.

 Colors aboard Lightspeed, even in the rain.
 Fishing and catching and then feeding this fish to Bald Eagle!
 Ready for a hike at Princess Louisa inlet
 Hike was short, but sweet as trail conditons were more like a stream than a trail.
 Waterfront refreshments in MontagueHarbour
 Girls enjoying some waterfront mocktails
 Hike to Montague road
 Giant Chia pet orca at Victoria inner harbor

 Cool tall ships
 Crazy race to Alaska adventures. R2AK on a 16' row and sail boat?

 Checking out the fleet of R2AK boats at Port Townsend
 CNN film crew aboard Gizmo for filming of first leg of race.
 Lightspeed in Friday Harbor
 Shell lounging in the amazing summer heat wave.   Shell fell in once so far this summer and it was about 1AM when I woke to screaming cat MEEOOWWS.  I had to jump in and swim over to pick up Shell.  Burr it was cold!
Busy Friday Harbor is a buzz with seaplanes.